Practice for Soft Manual Therapy
Poyet method



Candice Vacle is a qualified manual therapist, specializing in the Poyet method.
The therapist is graduate of the Collège de Thérapie Manuelle Methode Poyet (D-Po), Sanary, (France)
and registered as a member of the Nederlandse Orde van Alternatieve Genezers (NOAG) (except since 2021).
The consultations are in English, French and Dutch.


The Soft Manual Therapy Poyet Method

The Frenchman Maurice Poyet laid the foundation of the Poyet method, a type of manual therapy with its origins in osteopathy and Chinese medicine.

It is a kind of non-manipulative osteopathy.

What makes this method special is the subtle touch used.The joints are not manipulated or “cracked” by the therapist. Rather, they are touched very carefully.

The cranial rhythmic impulse is examined first, as it allows the therapist to form an evaluation.
Local treatment of the joints and muscles then follows.

Treatment is not only local, as the therapy involves the entire body.

The manual therapy itself has a calming and relaxing effect on the body.

Indications are pains or problems with a mechanical origin.
-Joint and muscle problem :
back pain : low back pain, neck pain, whiplash, torticollis, etc.
peripheral joints pain of the knee, foot, toe, elbow, wrist, hand or finger
temporomandibular joint pain (TMJ)
skull: rebalancing of the skull bones
– Neuralgia: sciatica, femoral neuropathy, cervicobrachial neuralgia, etc.
– Headache, migraine
– Dizziness
– Some ophthalmologic trouble: eye headache, strabismus, hyperopia, glaucoma, eyelid fibrillation, etc.
– Some visceral problems

Indications are also:
– orthodontic complement especially for children
– monitoring of pregnant women after 3 months of pregnancy and after childbirth
– complement for the treatment of fibromyalgia
– before the podiatrist is putting orthopedic insoles
– after long dental work under anesthesia performed by the dentist

In case of heavy physical shock, fall or accident, it is advisable to do a manual therapy session Poyet method because the bones may have been slightly displaced or blocked even if the person feels no pain.

This therapy may be indicated in some cases of unexplained pain by conventional medicine.

The treatment is recommended as preventive to curative at any age of life. An annual check is advisable.

Like osteopathy and acupuncture, manual therapy Poyet method is an alternative therapy which does not substitute medical care.



Candice Vacle is registered as a member of the Nederlandse Orde van Alternatieve Genezers (NOAG) (except since 2021), a professional organization for naturopathy.
In the Netherlands, care is paid back by most of the insurances. You can look on the page “zorgverzekering” (insurance) of the website of NOAG if your insurer belongs: http://noag.org/


Hilversum (Nederlands): 60 € ( incl. BTW )

Appointments that are not canceled before 24 hours will be charged.

Kvk-nummer: 64391051